Tuesday, April 23, 2013


A female student approached today as I was getting the room ready for class, as we talked, I knew physically she would struggle with what I was teaching this afternoon, but mentally she would blossom.
As class started with breath work, I watched her.  We had talked at length about her listening to her body, not pushing, not feeling intimidated.  She was nervous and frail, as we started sun salutations
I kept an eye on her, urging her to only do what her body could.  I kept encouraging the breath work.
Soon, it was relaxation time......I made sure that she was comfortable.

When class was over, she smiled.......she got it.   When I had talked with her about breath work and chronic pain before class, she was confused.  After class, she looked at me with relief.   She knew
that the movements, the poses would come slow.......but the breath work and meditation  she could
grasp and use now.

I know that so many think yoga is all about the poses, the asanas., they think because they are sick or
frail or just out of shape and inflexible they will never be able to do yoga.  It is so much  more than that.....it is breath work, it is awareness of ones-self and body, it is living a life of peace, of being aware of all that is around you and  more.  I believe yoga turns the switch in your mind to the possibilities of life, of what you can be and how we are all connected.

Yes, there are teachers who teach yoga strictly as a fitness routine, I suppose you know by now......I am not one of them.  It can teach you fitness and health......it can also teach calm, mindfulness and the ability to focus.  It can help you become more flexible, balanced, and yes more fit.  And if it's not for you that's ok.......but do something.......breathe, learn controlled breath work.......walk.......get fresh air and sunshine......eat healthy foods, drink water......this body, it's all you got......treat it right, treat it good.....and remember, the body and the mind are connected.


  1. You forgot something. Have you ever thought she might have had a good teacher? Someone who is genuinely interested, and acknowledges and gives encouragement. It does a lot for the ego. What am I saying, you're the teacher! : )

  2. Thank you for this Jilda, it's good to have an occasional reminder to focus on what one can do rather than what one cannot. Kudos to Mr. Estey by the by, and I have to agree with him.