Thursday, April 11, 2013

Permission to Sleep

The storms have moved through......thankfully no damage here to our place, but in south west Alabama, damage.  I know that many of you are dealing with snow and ice......interesting day, scary day.  Honestly, I'd take snow and ice any day over tornadoes.....and through the years, we have had both in the same day.

But tonight, the air is sticky pollen.....just the water dripping from the trees.
I did a sleep cd for my students today.  Because of the threat of severe weather, I only taught one class.  Half of that group will be leaving next week, they were thrilled to get the sleep cd......I hope it helps.

I hear that complaint often, not being able to sleep and not just from my students at the rehab center.
I think it has become quite difficult to turn off the day's events and sleep.  I urge my students to take that last hour before bed and let go of the world........don't watch tv, or check your e-mails or play a video game.  Take a warm bath or shower, read, listen to soft music or just sit quietly and allow the thought process to slow down.  It  is important to give yourself permission to sleep, to remind yourself that you deserve a good night's sleep......and remember to breathe.

I hear the rain drops falling on the tin roof,  it is the best sleeping pill of all.  Both dogs are snoring, no thunder and lightening to disturb their dreams.  I am about to take my own advice, warm water on the face, a glass of cool water to drink, and a book.
Good night, Sweet dreams.

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  1. So glad to see you made it through safely; sweet dreams!