Friday, April 5, 2013

Sad Plants

 A better day, a much better energy is returning, the rain has stopped and the sun came out this afternoon.

We are optimistic, we moved all the trees and plants out of the great room and on to the deck this evening.  Last winter our trees did so well, this winter has been a different story.  It has been so cold and rainy, we couldn't move them outside any this winter, they are so sad, leaves dropping, barely hanging on.......I am holding my breath, hoping and praying that the warm weather and sun will revive them.  Many of them belonged to my mom and grandmothers, I am their care-giver, they are my legacy.

This is a busy week-end, Rick has a book signing tomorrow, we have a concert Sunday.......I should never book back to back gigs on a treatment weekend......what was I thinking?  I will rest tomorrow night and am about to turn in now.  Wishing you all a weekend of sunshine, warm spring days and
much laughter!   Send some good energy to my plants please.


  1. Your family sounds like my Mom..she always brings in her plants and they survive the winters in Chicago and then come back nicely every Spring. I am not anyone you would want to give your plants should see the aloe vera plant in our kitchen, it can't even heal itself. I'm so glad you sun has returned. Ours has too although it looks like rain is heading our way. Welcome to Spring!

  2. oh Yaya, you are so funny! Sending you warm sunshine and much love!