Monday, April 1, 2013

April 1

April was warm and sunny, 70 degrees with blue skies, spring might decide to come to Alabama after all

April 1......April is our most turbulent weather month,  it is a bittersweet time, full of hope, growth
and flowers......and sometimes, destruction and death.

April 1.....month number 14 for treatments, actually day after tomorrow is number 14.

April one played an April Fool's joke on me today

April 1.....the first quarter of 2013 is gone, I blinked my eyes.

April 1.....brings  several fun gigs for Rick and I, music and book signings.

April 1......according to my horoscope, it should be a very profitable month.

April 1.....I clean my closets, and have very strong nesting urges this month.

April 1.....I am ready to dig in the dirt and feel the sun on my back.

April 1.....for the first time ever, the callouses on the tips of my fingers are so thick, my fingers don't hurt when I play the guitar!


  1. lol I know what you mean by the pain when playing the guitar, I'll stick to the keyboard. : ) There are only so many Aprils in a lifetime. : (

  2. Yesterday, I told myself to start getting a move on with my life already! I felt very dormant for the first 3 months of this year - I think it's the weather! But hey, the sun is out and I just know Spring is truly about to start despite the bitter bitter cold!! Take care

  3. oh hell yeah, play that guitar sister :)