Tuesday, April 2, 2013


My classes were packed today.......lots of people searching for answers.   Today, half the class was spent in meditation.......it is difficult to turn inward, when you think that all the answers are in someone
else's hands.  Ownership of mistakes as well worthiness is not easily embraced in recovery.

I understand more and more the phrase, give out.......I have a tendency to give out......until I am empty.  The day before treatment is tough, it is hard to explain.......but it seems the juice runs out, I am a deflated balloon......waiting, with trepidation to be refilled tomorrow.

Going inward was good for me today........sometimes, I teach so many that path.......I stumble often.
In those big green chairs, there is no other place to go but inward.  I am glad it is going to rain tomorrow, the rain seems appropriate for a day in the big green chair.

Wishing you all, a journey inward, may you find peace tonight.......and every night. 

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  1. A journey inward... I love it. A journey to a place free of shame, guilt, judgments. A journey into a peaceful land of discoveries. Inner life.