Sunday, April 28, 2013

Expect Nothing

" Expect nothing; live frugally on surprise. "  - Alice Walker

It is not easy to let go of expectations, there are so many of them.
My students hear the phrase "let go of expectations" in practically every class I teach.

Letting go of expectations, expecting nothing is as difficult as not judging.  But those two actions can turn your life around.
Imagine how freeing it would be to stop expecting.......people to behave a certain way, for things to happen.  Imagine how freeing it would be to stop judging......there would be much less stress in your life.

Expectations and judgement, for most of us, a life without those two seems impossible.  One thing to remember, letting go of expectations is not letting go of your dreams and is release of the emotions and attachments, that fuel the ego.  It is pursuit because of the dream and love, not because of recognition and honor. is easy to forget that we are all walking a very personal path, filled with bumps, and curves and pot-holes.  No one walks in our shoes but us, how can we judge others when we each walk in  a totally different pair of shoes on a totally different path.

I hope every day this coming week, you live frugally on surprise.

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