Thursday, April 18, 2013

All About Love

I had two classes of new students today.  Like always, most have that deer in the headlights look as they walk through the door, yoga is the last thing they want to, now yoga, yuck, you see    disbelief written across their face.

So how do you teach yoga to someone who doesn't want a yoga class?  With all the love and compassion that my heart holds.....sometimes, I hear snickers,'s ok.  I teach, because I know what yoga does for the heart, body and soul, I teach because I believe  in what I teach.

After the first class, every new person asked when I would be back.......after the second class, smiles ,
a couple of hugs and more questions about when the next class would take place.  These classes exhaust me, because I know I only have that one has to  be real, I have to be honest and authentic.  Some may say, well they are made to come to class......that is true, some are.  But for those who are made to come, I work even harder.......I want the experience to be good.  When they leave, they may never attend another yoga class, but hopefully they will say they got something from mine.

Teaching yoga in many ways is like singing a song to someone.......if you are not sincere, if there is not feeling, then it won't matter how flexible your body is, or how trained your voice is.  Passion is as
important as ability, truth shines and fake shouts.  And when all is said and done, love does hold the key, loving what you do, and loving those around really is, all about love.


  1. Your loving nature shines through. =)

    I'm looking into yoga classes around here; whilst there are several, I've yet to find one geared toward those who are differently abled.

  2. It is all about love, and love is authentic. If it is not authentic, then it is not love. Great post.