Saturday, September 22, 2012

Welcome Fall

Welcome Fall, my most favorite time of the year!  We built a fire in our fire pit this afternoon, using wood from one of our old apple trees that was blown down by a storm.  The sweet smoky smell of that apple wood burning, the brilliance of the sky and a little crispness in the air.......fall is here.

I know that for many spring energizes, but for me fall gives me the boost I have needed all summer.
Suddenly I have the urge to "feather" my nest, to spruce things up a bit.  Looking for a new sofa, new paint colors, and a kitchen remake......I am sure that Rick wishes I would hibernate.  Ha!
It's not just me, several of our friends are wanting to "feather" their nests too.

Tomorrow we welcome fall with an outdoor concert.  Rick and I, and a few of our songwriting friends are doing a show for our Community Foundation.  The show will be at the Bankhead House,
yes, the house where Tallulah was was raised by her grandmother.  My favorite Tallulah quote,
"only good girls keep diaries, bad girls don't have time."  Maybe Tallulah's spirit will visit while we are there.

Another reason that I love fall, fresh apples and grapes.  I must admit the fall fruits I have sampled so far, have been outstanding.  Wishing you all a beautiful cool fall weekend!
Good night, sweet dreams


  1. Enjoy this fun season and the concert. I'm happy to welcome fall as well!

  2. And I'm happily welcoming spring :)

    Happy fall to you and Rick!