Thursday, September 6, 2012

Invisible Scars

Invisible scars.......we all have them.  Some of them are deep and ugly, painful and unforgettable.
Scars that were formed when we were young and innocent, scars that were formed in our teens,and others that formed as the years passed by.

Scars that were caused by lack of love,  by monsters who thrived on emotional abuse, and scars that are self-inflicted.  Invisible scars.....usually not recognized until time has passed by.  We might find ourselves inflicting the same hurt and scars on others that we carry ourselves......we realize, sometimes too late that we have learned a sad and hurtful behavior.

Self-inflicted scars are the scariest to me.......those are the results of self-hate and loathing, the results of human souls that think they have no worth, no value.  Those that are covered in self-inflicted scars spend their lives, thinking they are not good enough, pretty enough, smart enough, talented enough......unlovable. Those scars started as probably off-handed remarks made by loved ones, sometimes well intended, or maybe not.  But, they were seeds that grew, and became wild, untamed,
rampant weeds that scarred.

Visible scars, while sad, heartbreaking and maybe frightening reminders of horrific deeds or accidents
demand to be dealt with, acknowledged if you  will.  Though they may disfigure, usually there is dialect
and revelation and the opportunity of some sort of healing process.  The ones that you can't can you help, can there be closure,  any sort of healing......what can be done with the invisible scars?  Maybe they are some sort of soul tattoo, a reminder that all is not beauty, all is not love and kindness.....that the reality is......there is pain, suffering, hurt......that sometimes life really is a battlefield and we are on it, whether we want to be or not.

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