Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Treatment #8

Rick snapped a photo of me today, waiting to get my drip in the infamous GREEN CHAIR.  It was chilly today so I carried my nice red warm fuzzy blanket with me.  It had been a rough night, sorry for not posting yesterday, the bouts of nausea are getting worse.

It was not a bad day in the green chair as those days go.  I had asked Rick if he would bring a case of his books with us and let the nurses pass them around to anyone who wanted one.  Everyone wanted one.  Rick was a rock star in the infusion room today, they all wanted him to sign their books.

I explained to Rick how much that simple gesture helped all of us today.  Simple acts of kindness take on gigantic proportions in the green chairs.  To talk and laugh, and just for a little while to forget why you are in those chairs is pure magic.   Even the nurses got in on the laughter today.  None of us in those green chairs felt so great this morning, but I think by the end of treatment, we all felt a little better.  We try to encourage each other, to eat, to drink plenty of water, to hang on.  Hang on, that has become my way of coping, it is not easy to talk about my illness, I don't want the illness to become my identity.  So when someone asks how I am doing, I just say I am hanging on.

Everyone keeps asking when will the treatments end, I don't know.......they are open ended......they end when they end.  We are playing a gig Sunday for our local Community Foundation, one of the nurses is coming to hear us.  I know that nurses do their jobs, but I am telling you, the three that are in that infusion room have to have wings and golden crowns.  Their kindness brings tears to my eyes sometimes......but it is often easy to have tears in those green chairs.  As usual I have slept most of the day, there is still a residue of nausea tonight, but nothing like last.  My list of foods to eat is getting shorter, after you toss your cookies, that's one more to remove from the list.  Ha,Ha, sorry that might have been TMI.

So now you know what the green chair looks like, to just look at the photo, it seems innocent doesn't it?  Just a normal green recliner.......if those chairs could talk, the stories they know, the people who have sat in them........those chairs are equalizers, they don't play favorites.  They are the most powerful chairs in the world, they hold life and death in their cushions.  Just a green chair.....who knew?


  1. I don't comment often...but I just wanted to say, as someone who has sat in those green chairs, your post touched me deeply today. It is hard not to get swallowed up by them, but it sounds like you are all giving each other hope...
    Hugs and positive healing thoughts your way today!

  2. Sending hopeful and healing thoughts your way that some day you can leave the green chair behind. Knowing you, you will go back to offer hope and help to to those still in them.

  3. **Hugs**

    And may I say, green is your color. :) You look a bit Christmassy sitting there with your slight smile. Prayers with you Jilda.