Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Losing Fears

I met a beautiful young teenage woman today, who happened to be a wonderful artist and I looked at her art work, she began to apologize for what she thought might be flaws......I quickly assured her, it was wonderful, her creation, and that there was no need to apologize for the flaws that only she saw.  I encouraged her to pursue her art and music, the talent is there.....she just needs to lose her fear.

What if Einstein or Michelangelo had let their fears stop them?  I probably over encourage, but I spent a great deal of my life struggling with is a self-created prison, and a most difficult one to escape from.....but it can be done.  There was a part of me that was absolutely fearless, and I believed I could do anything......but there was a side where the fear lived, and as the years went by it grew.

As a teenager and young woman, I believed in myself, but through the years, I began to believe the naysayers, thank goodness, turning 50 renewed much of my self-confidence and I understood that other people fears really did not belong in my life.

Occasionally, those old fears will whisper in my ear.....and sometimes on a bad day, when maybe I don't feel so well, I listen a little too much......but thank goodness, I learned to shut the voices out.
I can still spread my wings, take a deep breath.......and on a good day, fly.


  1. Jilda, Good for you. Just keep on flying!

  2. That's the part of aging I appreciate. Not that getting praise for doing a good job isn't important..I just don't let it or any negative comments send me over the edge.