Sunday, September 2, 2012

Mushy Brain

I am working tomorrow, so I cooked ribs this afternoon.  We had gotten the telescope out to to look at the sky, but another line of monsoonal storms are headed toward us.  Everywhere around us, there are mushrooms, and all sorts of strange fungi......we have had a lot of rain of this week, thanks to Isaac

I wish I knew more about plants, wild ones......each time we walk, it seems we spot a plant we have never seen before.  We have an oak tree on the property that has tiny leaves the size of dimes. This week there has been a rainbow of mushrooms, and fairy rings everywhere.

Muscadines are ripe and jucy we walked this morning, we pulled them from the vines and popped them in our mouths......they were sugary sweet.....their colors range from deepest of purples to golden bronze.

I envy my friends out west in the desert, I see where there has been some rain.......nothing prettier than the wild flowers blooming in the desert.

Too much food tonight, my brain is mush.......time to call it a day.
For those of you who are off tomorrow, enjoy your holiday!
Goodnight, Sweet dreams


  1. I love nothing more than trying to identify fungi and wildflowers!! Hope you have a good rest! Take care

  2. I'm loving the rain we've gotten here...but it sure is humid again! I know someone who has a doctorate in lichen...isn't that a fancy name for fungus? He's always on the look out for weird vegetation! Sorry you have to work on Labor Day..something about that doesn't sound right to me!