Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sacred Circle

It seemed that everyone who came into my class today at work, was upset......sad, depressed, angry.
As they all walked into the room, you could fee the angst.  I decided to toss out the lessons I had planned for today, and followed my heart.

I had everyone pair up, back to back for breathwork.  When you are  down and troubled, nothing like back to back breathing makes you aware that someone has your back.  The mood begin to lift.
We moved into heart opening postures, opening the chest and heart more and more with each stretch.
We closed with a sacred circle.  We all place our mats in a circle, heads pointed inward, and we began to breathe and relax.  As we lay in that circle, breathing, you could feel a blanket of peace spread across the room.  No one wanted to leave, that little room felt like the safest place in the world today, and there was no doubt that all who came to class felt the love that was there.

I wish I could bottle those moments, they are sacred......those times when the broken spirits of those who feel so unloved, realize they are loved, that they can feel peace.  I keep reminding them, we are all worthy of love, we are all connected, we are all worthy of peace and joy.  I can count on my hand the number of times that I have done that sacred circle in my classes at work, few groups that I teach there seem to make that leap, that connection.  Today, the pain was so intense, I knew in my heart that everyone in the room needed to make that connection, to feel love and peace in an extraordinary way.
Tonight, as you read this blog, I send you more blessings, blessings of love, of peace and joy.

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