Friday, September 14, 2012

Princess Breeze

I got a great call tonight, my nephew James and his wife Andrea took their little family to Disney, Orlando this week......all four kids plus parents have had a blast.  Breeze who is seven, called me tonight with so much excitement in her voice it took me awhile to understand what she was saying.
They had all gone to dinner at some sort of Castle dinner theater, and it seems that  the staff there always picks a princess for the night.  Tonight, they picked Breeze.  She got a crown of course,
and a sash, and pictures  and she got memories she will never forget.

I would have loved to have been there. Her dad said as soon as they left, she told him she had to call Aunt Jilda and tell me the news.  What is it about little girls and crowns?  I too, always wanted a tiara.
I was probably as excited as Breeze, when I finally understood what she was telling me. I think that this crowning calls for a new dress, we will have to have a shopping day soon.

I have had a difficult week, not feeling my best, friends in turmoil......Breeze's call made everything better.  I told her I already knew she was a princess.  Something else about Breeze, she had waist-length beautiful rich brown hair, and last month she had it cut for locks of love.  She has a beautiful heart.  It's funny how sitting here alone tonight, (Rick was at a football game) I had really gotten down, but a phone call from Princess Breeze made my night.
If I am ever in Orlando, I am going by this Medieval Castle and tell them how they made one little girl's night so very special......maybe they'll give me a crown too. 


  1. How sweet! I have a coworker who has a time share with Disney and they go every year. She's always telling stories of the great fun they have...they have 6 kiddos!. I haven't been to Disney since my boys were little but I would love to go with some Grandkiddos. Maybe one day? Hope you feel better and enjoy your weekend. It's funny how something as simple as a phone call can change things.