Sunday, September 16, 2012


Our music "think tank" met today.  For a singer/songwriter it is Nirvana.....our genres are so different, but the love, the creativity dwells in our hearts.  I have thought about the songs I heard this afternoon.
I also thought about what a horrible world it would be without music.

We all have a rhythm, a heartbeat that runs through our soul.  It is the thread that connects us to music.  When you think about your memories, good and bad, think about how many of them in some way connect to a song.  One of my very first musical younger brother Ricky ( he was about 2) singing the song Honeycomb.   My first musical performance.......I was six, my mom had taken me to the beauty shop to have my waist length hair chopped and permed into a poodle cut.
(no joke)  I sat under the hair dryer singing at the top of my lungs, thinking no one could hear me.

Songs have etched such strong deep memories in our brains, tattoos of brief moments that for whatever reason are important to us.  I grew up in a Pentecostal church, the music was the energy and driving force for those charismatic services.  Music has been used to ready soldiers for battle, for celebrations, for death, and for love.  No matter where you are in the world, you can recognize a familiar song and not feel so alone.

Songs tell stories, inspire, uplift, and can show the dark underbelly of civilization.  We Shall Overcome was a battle cry, the Beatles's Yesterday a poignant longing, The Doors Light My Fire, an invitation to a sexual revolution.  Through every decade, songs have connected hearts, broken them and healed them.
Since the beginning of time, when man danced around a fire, pounding on primitive drums,and chanting......songs/music has been a part of our lives.

So, if there are singer/songwriters in your area, support their talents......go listen, let them tell their musical stories.....they wrote them, no one can do them  more honestly. And who knows, one day Rick and I may be in your town, letting you hear our songs, our musical stories.  For tonight, think of your favorite song, and then think of why you love it so much.


  1. Hi Jilda; you are so right, music is part of all of us. My Mom who is in care (alzheimers) still sings all the words to the hymns and songs of her youth and always sings along with Happy Birthday when we go over to celebrate a family birthday even though she can't express a thought. She tells everyone I love you.

    I read all your posts and take them to heart.


  2. Sounds like you had a most amazing creative musical meeting! Take care