Monday, September 17, 2012

Change In The Air

Change is in the air, rains have swept across our area today.....heavy torrential downpours.
By Wednesday, fall will make its first official visit, lows in the 40's.
It didn't take the weatherman to tell me about the change, all day, in every class students have complained about aches.........headaches, backache, shoulders, knees, hands.  When the atmospheric
pressure begins to change, our bodies shout it out loud and clear.

So what can you do, as the seasons change and your body screams......slow down, get extra rest,
warm baths and showers, make sure you continue to eat healthy fresh food, lots of water and as the temperature tea, your choice, green, herbal or black with honey.  And even though the weather gets iffy, with the rain and the cold.......move!  I love walking in the rain (I have a 15 year old LLBean raincoat that keeps me bone dry)  go to the mall and walk, take the stairs, go to yoga not hibernate!

The changing of the seasons serves to remind us that life is change and for each change there is a reason.  Nature needs a break, the shorter days, colder temps give plants and animals the opportunity to rest, to nourish themselves, to slow down and enjoy the shorter days and longer nights.  Eat seasonal foods, apples, root vegetables, greens, citrus fruit, sweet squash, yams, nuts......foods that are meant to nourish your body for fall and winter.  What could be better than sweet crunchy apples right off the tree?

Don't dread the coming seasons of fall and winter, embrace them......savor the chill in the air, the wind in your face, the crystal blue of the skies, and the vivid color of the foliage.  Be grateful for the seasons, where ever you may live, let them serve as reminders that life is change.

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  1. The sun is still out but their is a coldness in the wind, and the light is sharper than in summer.