Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Promise

Mother Nature made a promise this weekend......last night a "cold" front came through Alabama.
This morning it was 52 degrees, with crystal blue skies.....the whole world looked sparkling and new.
The promise......that fall surely will come, that the hot humid days of summer, will soon fade away and the colors, smells and cooler temps of fall are on their way.

As we walked this morning, the dogs barked for joy.....and ran with abandon.  Colors are starting to change, the morning light is different and deer are beginning to gather under our apple tree. It seems that every living thing got the memo from Mother Nature......fall will come, soon.

I am getting the urge to cozy up our house for the coming seasons, cleaning out, a fresh coat of paint,
maybe a new kitchen floor......the urge to simplify is overwhelming.  I am reminding Rick daily, the patio and fire pit will be needed soon!
Mother Nature teases, but she never lies......fall will come.....I can't wait!


  1. Awwwww hope you get your patio and fire pit soon!! Sounds truly cosy!! Take care

  2. We even had a nice storm last night and it got down to winter for us! Able to turn off the AC for a night...

  3. For once I am looking forward to winter. The summer in England has been so wet and cold it is like summer never happened. At least the Olympics kept us excited.

  4. It was 45 here this morning and I'm loving every drop in temp. I pulled out the fall decorations and made an apple pie. I'm ready!