Thursday, September 27, 2012

Greetings and Regrets

Sometimes, I forget what I expectations.  But that is hard, even for an old yoga teacher.  Rick and I had applied for a performing slot at a songwriter's festival that is coming up in November.  We got the "greetings and regrets" note this evening.   Why are we so downhearted? We have played this particular festival a couple of times in the past, we loved it.....and honestly, I so wanted one more shot at it.  I have to remember, when I do this stuff,  NO EXPECTATIONS!  Then, if it works out, great and if not, no big deal.

As singer/songwriters, we have gotten a zillion "greetings and regrets" letters through the years.
Why do we keep on?  Because of days like this past Sunday, when you see people's faces light up as they listen to your music, when they walk up to you with tears in their eyes telling you how much your music meant to them.  When you know in your heart that what you do is good.  But, it is still about that acceptance thing isn't it?  We want to be accepted, by strangers and by our peers, by our friends and family.

"Greetings and regrets",   a cold and proper form letter, sent to dozens.....maybe hundreds.  Who wrote it? Did they think about how it would sound when the person who received it read it?  I know, nothing personal.  Well, it is better than being told by a "friend" that your song sucked.  Guess what, that same song.....was the one that brought tears to people's eyes Sunday.  We all have an opinion don't we?

So, will we resubmit next year?  I doubt it.  Life really is getting to be too short to deal with those who vex the spirit, life is too short to let other's judgments cause you grief.  Life is too short for "greetings and regrets."


  1. Lovely Jilda! I've lost count of all the rejections my stories get but every one of them hurt and every one of them knocks me back for six! But I shoulder on for the love it and every so often, once in a blue moon, some stranger likes my story and better still, says so too! It makes the pain worthwhile!

    So GOOD FOR YOU and Rick!! Take care

  2. I'm not an artist like you and Rick, just an admirer of talent. Who knows what makes people decide to like or dislike a certain artist. What I'm thinking though, is you received only 1 greetings and regrets letter, but how many people had tears in their eyes and loved you guys? Many more than 1 I'm imagining! Don't give up, too many will miss you!