Saturday, September 1, 2012

September 1

September 1st,  three months away from is a fact of life, something happens as you age, and time does move faster.  There are still 24 hours a day, still 12 months in a year, but somehow.....time becomes condensed.  Rick looked at me yesterday and remarked about what a strange year this has been......and it has, because so many days have been spent at medical facilities, seeing doctors, tests, etc.  It has been a very different year for both of us.

September 1st,  almost 90 degrees today, and the monsoons did their times blinding rain, then blazing sun, then pouring rain again.

September 1st,  football season started this week.....Rick is in heaven......he loves high school and college football as much as anyone I have ever known.  So far tonight, Alabama is rolling over Michigan and he is smiling.

September 1st, time to reassess my closet, and think about fall and winter clothes ( my favorites).
It will be a awhile before it is sweater weather, but I am dreaming of that first day of wearing boots and a sweater!

September 1st, the apples on our tree will be ready to pick in a few weeks, so will my one lonely pomegranate....and by the end of the month our great room will look like a forest.  We'll move the trees and plants in the house....and probably a couple of creatures.

September 1st, ten days away from September 11, a day that none of us can forget, won't forget, should never forget.

September 1st, summer is refusing to leave, yet the signs of fall are coming quickly.....color already beginning to show in some of the trees, days getting shorter, sunsets becoming more vivid.  Hope you are enjoying your Labor Day Holiday.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

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  1. We still have another month before we can even begin to think about cooler weather...but then we will have 8 months of the best place on earth so all will be good. Loved your post on shelter from the storm...when my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer good gosh did I need a shelter! I found it in my husband and the beautiful arizona desert...the same place I find it to this day!...Glad you got your special sandwich...