Friday, September 28, 2012


My sister Pat retired from her job today.  Rick and I went to her party and met all her co-workers.
I sat and watched her, laughing and chatting with all her friends.  I am excited for her, she is 69 and looks like she is in her 50's.   I am so happy for her.....her life has not always been easy, and she has worked hard.  In two weeks she is taking a cruise up the east coast with several of her friends, I pray that these next few years are ones of enjoyment and good health for her.

She and Rick keep telling me it is time for me to think about retirement.......not quitting they say, just quit the time clock and do what I want.  That is such a scary concept for me, I have worked all my life.  My parents signed a work permit for me when I was 15, I have worked ever since, and quite often two jobs at a time.  I know in the back of their heads, (Rick and my sister, Pat) they are thinking of my health.  It hit me a few weeks back, here I am undergoing these treatments, seeing all these doctors, and I have changed nothing......well, I do take more naps......and it made me remember the old saying about insanity " keep doing the same thing, expecting change" well, you know what I mean.

Today really made me think, watching Pat, listening to all her plans, seeing the excitement in her eyes.
But, it is a big leap.......I guess I'll know when I'm ready to jump.......


  1. The decision time will come to you and you will know it is right.

  2. I think you'll know when the time is right. Sometimes having a place you are needed and also doing something you love keeps you young. When that feeling isn't there, maybe that's the sign you'll need.