Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Change in Attitude

A change in attitude.......a big change for me.......tomorrow is treatment day.  The first two I dreaded so much, I never slept the night before......and I looked at that drip as though it was the enemy.  But, a student and one of my close friends, who have both been through much worse than this shared their wisdom with me this past week.  The meds are good, the drip is my best friend, and the days that follow teach me the lesson of surrender.

How could I have possibly thought the drip was my enemy?  It can give me my life back, renew my energy, and slow and stop all the infections that play havoc in my lungs.  This week, I don't go back to work the next day, actually I don't go back to work until Monday.....I know, sometimes I am a wee bit slow.

So tomorrow, I face that three hours with gratitude, knowing that it is good stuff, believing that it brings nothing but goodness to my body......and then the next few days......rest.

A change in attitude, is all perspective.


  1. All the best for today - sending huge amounts of positive healing energy your way! take care

  2. There you go, that's the ticket. This change in attitude will make all the difference.

  3. What a wonderful post. Actually attitude is the key to everything in life. We just don't get to exercise that muscle very often. We should all do that more.