Wednesday, May 16, 2012


There are some books that take me through life's changes......each time I read them, they seem to give me what I need or seek.  Today I started reading The Rhythm of Life for the third time.
The first page talks about choice, that our life is really all  about choice and the power we have to live the life we imagine.  We can whine about circumstance, or cry about bad luck......but the choice to take and make.......the life we seek, is ours.

I needed that reinforcement, that reminder, that I can choose........and that those choices can be good ones.  Sometimes, I forget.


  1. So true we all have choices to make in our lives and some of us make bad choices but no one can tell someone else how to live and what choices to make the best we can do is offer advice and be there when the bottom falls out..........

  2. I am a strong believer in choice. I often say there is ALWAYS a choice - you might not like any of the choices, but there is never "no choice." ... a common thing people always say.