Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Finding Balance

Yoga class today......a life in balance.  Balance is what most of us seek, but it can be evasive.
Balance postures in yoga teach you alot about yourself.  If you are one of those who hold your breath during your yoga practice, you know it when you do a balance have to breath to balance.   Do you force your way through life, as well as yoga class......can't force balance.
Does your mind bombard you with thoughts from every direction?.......can't do that and balance.

Balance postures can be very humbling......yes, I have fallen on my face.  Mastering a balance pose can build incredible self esteem.  When you are not feeling well, a balance posture will remind you to take care of yourself.  You can't multi-task and balance.  Finding your balance guides you toward a deeper understanding of yourself......and teaches patience.  Finding that sweet spot in balance reminds you that practice makes it obtainable.

Today's class was fun, and challenging......there was laughter, occasional groans of despair,  and moments of yes!  I did it!!!!!  Finding's worth the effort.


  1. I think I'm in the falling flat on my face stage of my inner balance! LOL! OH but at least I try! Yay!
    Take care, Jilda!

  2. I need to get back to Yoga. I did it several years ago and I love it. This summer ...