Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pick and Choose

Learning to make choices.....you're never too old for this lesson.  One of the things that illness has taught me......pick and choose.  Once, not too long ago, my theory was I could do everything......and I pretty much did.  I truly lived by my mother's words "you can rest when you're dead."  Funny how things can change.

My body demands attention now, it demands rest, nourishment, and gentle care.  The lungs can get down right uppity  about it all.  Today, an off day for me.......I picked and I chose.  Not  so long ago, I would have made a list with a dozen or more things to do.....and do them all.
Today, I made  three or four choices, took a couple of naps, a hot bath and sat in the sun.
I have made some very difficult choices ( at least for me) for the rest of the week.  Paul Thorn
a musician that I absolutely adore is playing in Birmingham this Friday night, normally I would have been there on the front row singing all the words to every song.  Saturday, Rick and I are booked for a gig at a  local art in the park event, my choice, stay home Friday night, rest up for the gig Saturday......sorry Paul and Kim.  This one was a heart breaker.

So even an old broad can change.  Blackie Bear is slowing down much quicker......last night was a rough night for the Bear.   I spent a good portion of the night, lying in the floor beside him, reminding him how much I love him.  Sadly, I know there is coming a day, when choices might have to be made for him........I choose not to think about that tonight.  He is lying on the floor as I type this blog, snoring loudly.  I hear thunder in the distance.  It is time to say, good night
and sweet dreams.


  1. Big hugs to you and Rick and Blackie Bear~

  2. Awww lovely Jilda and Blackie Bear!! Live for the moment - they are truly precious! Take care

  3. Beautiful ending to this post, it really is.

  4. Some choices are harder than others but, sadly, necessary.

  5. So true.

    And my personal bug-a-boo is when people say they "have no choice". There is always a choice. It may be between 2 or 3 things you don't want to do - but there is always a choice.

  6. Great post - one that I need to pay attention to myself. Your last paragraph also reminded of my own big black dog, Mr Higgins, who taught me about growing old the last couple of years of his life. They were lessons I hope to remember when I need them.