Saturday, May 19, 2012


For the next few weeks, our house will smell like Alabama summers......the sweet sultry scent of gardenias will fill the house.   Every May, I wait for that first bloom......the soft creamy velvety petals, the deep dark rich green of the leaves, and the fragrance that hangs in the air like Spanish moss in an Oak tree.  Gardenias, one of the very best things about Alabama summers.


  1. Oh YES! Right now when I step out onto my patio, I have the lovely scent of confederate jasmine and gardenias to greet me in all their Southern beauty! Joy!

  2. Gardenias do share their lovely scent with all who are fortunate to be around them. I like jasmine and want to plant some at my window so I will get the hint of their scent when I open the window.