Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Honored and Humbled

I love sharing.......music, hugs, yoga, my passion for what I do.  Tonight, for the second time, in as many months I got to share my passion for yoga and my work, with students at the University of Alabama.  What an honor!!!!  The first time was a thrill, to be invited back  was pure joy.

I talked about how I began the yoga program where I work......how I have taken all my yoga training and knowledge and created classes just for our patients.  I shared with these students tonight many of the lessons that I have learned......how important it is to take time for yourself, to spend time with friends and family,
to take every opportunity to learn, to have a hobby or an activity that brings you joy, to learn to breathe and relax, to be grateful.

They were curious, about yoga, what it is like to teach someone who does not want to learn what you are teaching, how and why I  do what I do.  They were smart, they shared their thoughts and opinions and spoke honestly about  their thoughts on addiction.  

I think they also had fun......I taught them breath work......and let them experience a small portion of a Yoga Warrior class.  I gave them the same relaxation cd that I give all my students, ( and warned them not to listen to it while driving)  LOL

I encouraged them to spend ten minutes a day in silence, doing nothing, but breathing.  It's sad isn't it that someone has to encourage or give us permission to take ten minutes for our well-being.  

I am so humbled to stand before such an incredible group, my hope is that I shared something of value, that they left class tonight with a better understanding of how important their well-being is, that they can  make a difference in someone else's life, and that simple things such as breath work and gratitude can change their daily


  1. Glad you had a great class with these students! Helps that you are a great teacher! take care