Friday, May 18, 2012

Ann and Joel

We said goodbye to a an old friend today......she and her husband had been our friends for many years.  As a matter of fact, her husband had been my mom's attorney.  He had passed away a few years ago.......I knew in my heart when he passed, his wife would be overtaken by grief.
Sadly, I was right.  Joel and Ann, older friends, but kind and loving and full of life.

Joel was a southern gentleman....if you have ever read To Kill A Mockingbird......Joel was Atticus.  A true blue southern lawyer, a defender of those who could not defend themselves,
a Christian who followed the teachings of Jesus and not the rules of some church or political party.  He was a Democrat in all the good ways, believing in service, in helping those who could not help themselves, the poor, the hungry.  He wore seersucker suits in the summer.

Ann was head over heels in love with Joel, she was gracious and beautiful and kind.
It was obvious from the first time we met, that in her eyes, there was not another man on the planet like her Joel.  When he passed she asked us to sing at his funeral......when she passed this week, their daughter asked us to sing today at Ann's service.

I know in my heart, Ann grieved herself to death for her Joel.  She was fragile, and could not face life without him.  She had not been herself, since Joel died.  I hope tonight that their reunion was sweet, I believe their love will last for eternity.
Ann and Joel, rest in peace.  Your friendship was a wonderful gift.


  1. I so can relate to this not just that for me there will never be anyone but Tim......but also because if my nan was more aware that pop has passed she would give up living to be with like that doesn't come along very often any more......

  2. I'm so sorry for your loss. They sound like wonderful people. A love like that will last an eternity and I'm sure they are happy to be together again.

  3. Very beautiful. I know who will be waiting to greet me when it's my turn! I know of the love you described here.