Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Treatment # 3

Treatment #3........the infusion center is beginning to feel rather homey.  It is interesting how many of my  days away from work are spent at some sort of medical facility.  I am reminded constantly that the majority of those who work in the medical field, do what they love......and they spread that love to their patients.

One of very best friends, Marcia works at the hospital where I was today, she actually spent her break( and probably lunch hour as well) talking to me while the drip did its magic.  We are good friends, as well as distant cousins......Marcia actually introduced me to Rick.  Actually another cousin introduced me to him in junior high school, but he doesn't remember that.  I am not comfortable getting stuck, my veins are small, they roll, Marcia could see it in my eyes, but she chatted away as the needle came into my arm.  I am so grateful that she spent some time with me today, the drip is thick and slow, about three hours feels like ice water coming into the vein.  Those nice warm fluffy blankets......are something else.......they make it all a band aid on a boo boo.

After Marcia left, I napped, as much as I could.....the lungs are full of gunk, trying to work its way cough is not pleasant, not for me nor  those who listen to it.  My friend Becky tells me that I sometimes sound like Darth Vader.  Ha,ha!

We have a routine, Rick goes to the cafeteria or sits in the waiting room with his trusty laptop and writes.  People are always recognizing, I had a new nurse.....she recognized my name and instantly told me that Rick's column is the first thing she reads in the Sunday paper.
I promise her next trip, I will bring her an autographed book.  After the treatment, I am weak and shaky, but we always go for lunch at one of our favorite places in Birmingham, Nikki's West.
Then we come home and I sleep the most wonderful deep and peaceful.  The strange thing, the sleep is that way for a couple of  days......I can't describe how good this sleep is.
As I slept on the sofa this evening, Blackie Bear slept on the floor beside me, he never lets me out of his sight.

As I watched the drip today, I reminded myself.....this too shall pass......I remind myself......this is good for me.......I remind could be much worse.


  1. All will be well and you should sleep as much as possible! Take care my dear

  2. Try to think of it as "drops of life". So glad you had company.

  3. Glad you are home now with Blackie Bear! Sleep well now! take care