Monday, May 7, 2012

Talents You Possess

"Use what talent you possess:  the woods would be very silent if no birds sang except those  that sang best."   -  Henry Van Dyke

Our talents are unique to us.  I know that there are many who sing better, play guitar better, paint better, teach better, write better, do everything better than  I do......but that is ok.  I am what I am and my talents are mine.  I hear people say all the time they have no talents.....
Rubbish!  we all have talents, but we compare them to everyone else's, beat ourselves up about our lack of talent, and throw those gifts that have been handed to us by the universe and God into the garbage pail.  

Some are incredible cooks,  creative bloggers, gifted photographers, caregivers, the best of friends.......everyone of you has creative energy coursing through your body.  Maybe you wish it was something different, or you just never developed that early interest, but talent is in every one of us.  One of the most incredible talents in the world......the ability to listen, without judgement, another one often goes by without much with no expectations.
My dad could whistle, like real songs.......I can't whistle.

Whatever your talents are, don't belittle them, don't hide them.....embrace what you have, what you can do and share them.    There are days when I think the best talent in the world would be...... to give hugs to anyone who needs one.  Talents are gifts, appreciate yours, be grateful, and use it.


  1. I can't whistle either! You have a gift for words lovely Jilda! Take care

  2. Your talents are very evident! As I grow older I realize I do have talents and try to share them and be grateful for them...but I'm glad I also have the talent of appreciating and enjoying the gifts of others.