Friday, May 11, 2012

Office Share

Rick and I share an office.....most of the time, all is well.....most of the time.  Tonight, I am driving him crazy with my chatter, while he is trying to write his blog.  The thoughts hit my head so hard and fast, they just spill out sometimes.......and one thing triggers the next......and next thing you know, I am speed talking.

Of course, there are nights when he does the same thing to me......but that's different.  Ha,ha!
We have a really fun gig tomorrow, but it is outdoors and the threat of rain is is an Art in the Park function.....outdoors, surrounded by art.....maybe we can do an anti-rain dance.

I am on a "high octane" antibiotic......I think they might have slipped diet pills in the script.
It is that full of nervous energy, yet exhausted kind of feeling.  Ugh!

Tonight is one of those nights,  I just can't focus, sorry for the jumping glad you don't share an office with me.

1 comment:

  1. It is great when we talk a mile to the minute and bug someone else but if we are on the recieving end it is not so much fun..........