Saturday, May 12, 2012


For the love of it.....that is why I sing, that is why I write songs, that is why I play guitar.
Through the years, I have met many aspiring singer/songwriters and often some of them talked about making money.......I always share with them something one of my best friends in Nashville told Rick and I years ago.....if the only reason you are in it is for the money, quit now.

There have been times we have made money, but honestly, the money is secondary......that is why we never quit our day jobs.  It was and has always been about the passion, the love of making music.  Today was a perfect example......we spent the afternoon in a beautiful park,
sharing the stage with friends, playing music and having the time of our lives.  What could be better on a Saturday afternoon?

Rick and I have spent some time through the years in workshops with kids, I have taught thousands of students in my yoga classes through the years......I try to always remind all of them
"do what you love".  If you can't make your living doing what you love, then at least do it as your hobby.  It is so important to do something with passion in your life.  Doing something in your life with passion makes the bad days better, it gives you hope when the storms are raging,
and it fills your heart with joy each time you do it.

Passion makes you feel alive.  Passion makes your heart race, the senses awaken, the whole world looks good.  Passion for something, gives a purpose.......passion not only makes you feel alive, it makes you glad you're  alive.

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