Thursday, May 10, 2012

Late Bloomers

Rick and I both graduated from the same high school.  Just a small town high school, where every one knew every one, mostly blue collar.  When we graduated scholarships were unheard of at our school.  A few years ago, we decided to set up a scholarship fund.  Tonight we awarded a young man his scholarship.  It's not a large amount, but hopefully, it will help him find the path that makes his dreams come true.

I sat there in the gym tonight, and thought about high school, it was not my most favorite time in my life.  I was not a cheerleader, a homecoming queen or beauty queen.   I was just an ordinary young teenage girl with hopes and dreams.  My family was blue collar, but my  parents
pushed us to do our best.  The most amazing thing.....most of the dreams that I had as that teenage girl, have come true.  I believed in myself much more than my counselors and advisers did.  They told me I'd make a great secretary or housewife......that is all they saw in my future.
Now, secretary or housewife is an honorable profession, but I couldn't even type 25 words per minute.....and I had cooked, cleaned house, washed clothes, baby sitted and care given for most of my young life.

I beat the odds, I became a successful regional model, I was one of the first female award winning sports photographers in the state, I was a buyer for a clothing store, and ad director for a newspaper, make-up artist, managed a show room at an apparel market, co-written a number one song and several that have charted across Europe,  work as a singer/songwriter, and as a yoga therapist in a rehab center, created jewelry and sold my paintings. Tonight, there were the "golden kids", the ones who were good at everything, sports, beauty, leadership, won tons of scholarships........but you know I wanted to really tell the others, late bloomers rock......through the years, the saddest words I have ever heard are from "golden kids" who bemoan the fact that the best years of their lives were in high heart is really just beginning when you burst through those high school doors for the last time.....that is when you truly have just begun to live.


  1. Yes, my situation was similar to yours. I was not really anything in high school. I was a "late bloomer". I did things that I never dreamed at 17. Life does begin then it is very sad that the best years of one's life would be those in high school.

  2. I wasn't much in school either but went on to be a pharmacy technician in a hospital and a personal lines underwriter. I did everything later than everyone else and the bloom is still unfolding.

  3. Loved this. Sounds like you may have been lucky to only type 25 words a minute. The variety of your life is much more interesting than being stuck in an office chair for 40 years.

    Peace, Love and Hippy Beads,
    Rhonda Trawick

  4. I love what you wrote here, and it is lovely that you are helping others follow their dream. You have led such an interesting and fulfilling life!

  5. I couldn't agree with you more. I came alive in my 30's and really began to live in my 40's. Along the way though, I experienced life to the best of my ability. High school sucked for me! It's so great that you and Rick set up that scholarship fund. Just verifies that you are both good souls!