Monday, April 30, 2012

A Little Piece of Heaven

We are planting our garden in stages this year.......since my energy has not been at its peak, we started with strawberries, cucumbers, cabbage and potatoes......moving into the next couple of days, tomatoes, squash, peas and peppers.  I love growing our own food.  Not only does it taste better, we don't use any funky chemicals or pesticides.  You can pick something off the vine and eat it.  Do you know how good a homegrown tomato tastes? How sweet a peach or apple or pear is that is picked straight from the tree?

Jordan has already requested a blueberry pie, so you know what I will be doing this week.....the blueberries are so yummy right now.  This morning after our walk, we just walked over and ate a handful of warm ripe blueberries off the bush.....WOW!

Sometimes it is difficult, the drive to the nearest do have to plan.....and as the price of gas inches upward, you have to include several errands in one trip.  But this living out in the country......well the good outweighs the bad.  Our niece Samantha brought her boyfriend by for Sunday lunch over the weekend.......all he could do  was walk around and say "I love this place".
It is a little piece of heaven on this great big earth.  Once again, I will say.....I am a lucky woman.


  1. Jilda! Your health!! But fresh fruit and veg grown organically are so good for you!! And bet you make a mean blueberry pie! Yay for Jordan!! Take care

  2. One disadvantage of living in an RV is the lack of a garden. But we make do as much as we can. Jim just planted his upside down tomato planter. Depending on how well that works, we may get another one and try a green pepper. Don't over do.