Thursday, April 19, 2012

Extraordinary Moments

A good day today, even though I am still dealing with infection, my friend Kaye and I got facials and make-up at our local Lancome counter.  It is always so nice to have someone do something so soothing like a facial and make-up......and the end result is wonderful. Spirits are lifted, you look better and feel better......and time with just doesn't get much better than that.

I have really made an effort to spend a little more time on myself these past few months, and it helps.  Even when the infections hit, and I feel so lousy, the pedicures, hair cuts and facials make a difference in my outlook.  Rick says fly fishing does the same thing for him!

I think we all need those moments that take us out of our ordinary day.  When we don't think about work, or what needs to be done, or when we have to take the next round of meds.  For most of us, our lives are made of ordinary days, with extraordinary moments that come and go way too quickly.  

I'm sure our make-up artist, Brian didn't realize what a difference he made in my day....for him, it was probably just another day at work,  for me........I walked in feeling lousy.....and left feeling on top of the world......time with my friend and a little paint on the face......a great way to spend the afternoon.


  1. May you have many more such "me time" Jilda! Take care

  2. I read back a few posts and tried to find what your treatments are for (I'm starting chemo...) but didn't see what the problem might be. I only know that I agree with you about feeling regenerated with girly things. Make-up, hair, nails etc. help to make you feel so much more female and yes, a little happier when they are done. My hubby would agree with Rick about fishing...ha! Good luck and hope you feel better!!!!