Sunday, April 15, 2012

"do what you love"

Today has been one of those "do what you love days".........we spent the afternoon at our friend and sound man extraordinaire Fred's house recording a couple of our songs.  Fred makes us sound the way we dreamed of sounding.......and our end of summer or early fall to finally have our singer/songwriter cd completed.   Being sick for almost a year has delayed our recording, but my energy and strength and breath are finally coming back.......I am reborn.

I am still having to pace a nice long nap before the  session today......and  probably will have to continue that for sometime.....but it's ok.  To "do what I love" is more than I "do what I love" is a the greatest gift I can be given.  To "do what I love".....teaching yoga, and sharing our music is my life.....and I am blessed.
I hope you all have experience a "do what you love" week.

1 comment:

  1. Oh Jilda! How exciting!! A CD compilation of your songs - that's just amazing!!

    Hope you continue to get better, Jilda! Please rest as often and take things easy! Take care