Monday, April 2, 2012

Jumping Thoughts

It's already April and the weather here is Alabama feels like June.  We had no winter or spring, fall just blew into summer.  Already into the fourth month of this year, how can time move so quickly?   Some days I think we should do away with clocks and watches, live by the phases of the moon and sun and regain our natural rhythms.  My body never wants to wake up when it is still dark outside, it waits for the sun to rise!

This is an exciting month for us......gigs every week!  Can you see me do my happy dance?
Our music is evolving, our songs are growing, it is a good feeling. Playing soon at a location near you......hopefully one day!

Pollen, even with all the rain, hangs heavy in the air.  Blackie Bear and I are not breathing
so well this evening.  Actually, we are both kinda huffin and puffin!  More rains to come this week,  maybe now it is the humidity and the pollen.......the desert calls my name.  Our friend Brian and I talked about the desert last night......the spaciousness of it, how it feels as though you are on another planet when you are there, the unique vegetation, the night sky, the energy.  It is a good place to go when your batteries need charging.

My thoughts are jumping tonight, can you tell?  Some nights it is just hard to stick with one thought, this is one of those nights......sorry.
A cup of tea, and bed........that will fix it.
Good night, Sweet dreams


  1. I'd love it if you played near me - but I think England is a bit of a way to come :-)

  2. Gigs every week! That's just brilliant!!

    Oh the weather is so upside down and inside out!

    I do hope you and Blackie Bear feel better today though! Take care

  3. I'm sorry you have to suffer with allergies. I hope the rain brings some relief. I remember seeing the desert when I was a kid and hating hot, so dry, so brown. Then I went as an adult and beautiful, how unique, how lovely the different plants were. Age does bring some perspective I think!