Saturday, April 7, 2012


Tonight, around seven I finally turned the corner on the treatment maladies......I can feel my energy returning, and the aches and lethargy are fading.  I made salmon/pasta for dinner and we watched one of my top ten favorite movies.....Chocolat.  Yes, Johnny Depp is in it, but this movie is exquisite.  The scrip is amusing, interesting, intelligent and the cinematography is breath-taking.  Every scene looks like an old master's painting......and then there is the soundtrack......wonderful music!

Each time I watch this movie, I want to move to some remote village and wear red shoes.  ( you'll have to watch the movie)  But wait, I do have killer red shoes, so all I have to do is move to France......and become the ravishing Juliette Binoche.......maybe in  my next life.
For now, I can eat wonderful dark chocolate, watch the movie and live out my fantasy in my head.

For me, Chocolat is the perfect Easter movie......all about renewal and rebirth.....of people, of a village, and a life of love.  No, it is not religious, but it is symbolic of all things spring.
And it is full of amazing chocolate!  and did I mention Johnny Depp?????

So between the incredible moon rise last night, the return of my taste buds and the great salmon for dinner, and  one of my most favorite movies.......I think I have survived another treatment......two down, four more to go and then......well, we hope for the best.
Happy Easter!
Here's to rebirth, renewal and resurrection.


  1. I have never seen the movie Chocolat but have seen the shorts to it a few times and thought it looked like something I would enjoy.........It is so great to hear you are starting to get some of your energy back....

  2. Hurray..feeling better just in time for Easter.

  3. I really should watch this. I'm glad you're feeling better :-)

  4. I just commented on Rick's blog about you two and the neat tradition you have! Happy Easter Jilda!!