Saturday, April 14, 2012


"Self-love is the only weight-loss aid that really works in the long run."  - Jenny Craig

I have friends who are anorexic, bulimic and obese.......they struggle so hard with their "self-image."   I understand body image......I was a chubby fat child.  My nick-name at one time was tug-boat.....when I was nine, I weighed more than my sister who was in high school.  Then, a couple of years later, I got sick.....and I was the skinny girl.......really skinny, at one point in high school......76 pounds.  I've heard the fat jokes and the skinny ones.  Self-love is the mirror that shows our true self.  

We can judge ourselves by what others say and think, we can judge ourselves by what society calls beautiful.....the only way to to win this race....really is self-love and acceptance.  Self-loathing,
and self-hatred seems to be an epidemic in the female population.  We have bought the lie, sold to us by Madison Ave, by movies, and tv shows and magazines.......we believe that fairy tale of perfection.

Not only do we practice self-hate, but there seems to be a rampant growth of mis-trust  among females.  I am astounded by how often I hear women brag about only having male friends, of not trusting other women.  How sad is that?  Not to have a female friend to spend time with, to talk to......don't kid are wonderful.....but none of them will ever understand, bloat, chocolate, shoes or hot flashes!

I think self-love is the only way to happiness, the only way to find love, the only way to survive.  Jenny Craig was probably right about self-love being a weight loss aid.......the truth is when you love want to be healthy......and as the years go by.....healthy becomes way more important, than thin, beautiful.......or perfect.


  1. My wife's 18 yr old daughter is a prime example of a girl that has primarily male friends. If she is around girls the drama starts and it usually ends in words that should not have been said.
    Very good post today

  2. Perfectly said Jilda. I don't think you can be capable of really giving love to others if you hate yourself. In my work I see what unhealthy does to the human body and mind. If everyone really cared for this "temple" we've been given I guess I would be out of a job!