Thursday, April 12, 2012

An Un-Planned Day

I was off today, and did not have a doctor's appointment, yes!  I really had not made plans, it was going to be a fly by the seat of my pants kind of day.  The phone rang about a quarter after six this morning, it was my brother Ricky (Jordan's grandfather) he asked if Jordan could spend the day.  Seems Jordan had told him last night before he went to sleep that he wanted to spend the day with Jilda and Aunt Rick.  I was a happy camper, any day with Jordan is good.

Around eight thirty Jordan and his mom Sam, knocked on our door.  Seems he had gotten a boo boo, he was so excited to come to our house, he stepped on a toy and cut his foot.
He is still a little freaked about boo boos, so I told him it would be a team effort, and I would need his help.  He washed his foot, felt of the antibiotic ointment, let me put it on the cut, and then assisted me with the band aide. ........all was well with the foot.

Any day with Jordan is an un-planned day.  He is the king of fly by the seat of your pants!
We spent time at the barn, we walked, we ran with the dogs.  He ate the first ripe strawberry of the season, we checked out the blueberries, apples, peaches, and potatoes and determined when we would feast on all the produce.  We painted, wild and wacky and beautiful pictures.  We blew bubbles.
He helped me water and feed the herbs and flowers.  We fed the birds.  We cuddled.  We talked about his upcoming trip to the beach, and how much fun he would have, and how sad for me that I wasn't going.  We had a great day.  We ate dark chocolate and played PBS Kids games on the computer.  We squished grapes with our fingers and discussed in depth the color and texture of the insides.

Un-planned days are gifts.  None of us have enough of know the kind of have a Popsicle for breakfast,  finger paint after you take your bath, run with the dogs in your pjs.  Un-planned days feed your soul.  You forget about yesterday, and no thoughts of tomorrow enter your head.  Un-planned days......everyone deserves one.
They change perspective, give joy, and teach gratitude......un-planned we all deserve......days we need.


  1. My goodness...what a day.

  2. Rare and very special. How lovely a little one is for seeing things we sort of forgot.

  3. Oh yes those are the very best of unplanned days. I'm having two right now with my grandsons. Trey is on spring break and his parents have appts. so we are having a sleepover and an unplanned day. Perhaps a ride on the carousel?
    Here's to a great unplanned weekend for you!

  4. Jordan is utterly amazing!!! Un-planned days sound so much more fun with this little man around! Take care

  5. What a fantastic day. Unplanned days are even better with the company of little people :-)

  6. I love unplanned days that turn out to be fun. Little Jordan will always remember these beautiful times with you and Rick.