Monday, April 9, 2012

I Needed This Today

" I need this today"......everyday at work, someone walks through my door and says those words.
Today, it seemed almost everyone said them.  "I need this today" can you need yoga?
The same way you need water, good food and rest.  Yoga gives the body and spirit so much.
When you are exhausted or emotionally restores.  When you are depressed or soothes.    So many think that yoga is "just" physical exercise, the bending and twisting of the body into funny looking poses.

Yoga asanas, (poses) do work the  body and depending on the type yoga you do, you can get a great workout.  But, then there is the breath work and the meditation and the relaxation......and the combination of the movement, the breath and everything in between is the reason so many say "I need this today".  Increasing the flow of oxygen and blood through out the body, using breath and movement will make you feel better.  It has been said so many times that yoga heals.
I believe that is a true calms the mind, soothes the spirit, brings peace.....and when the body is restful, healing can begin.....when the mind is calm, healing can begin....when the spirit is peaceful.....healing of one's life begins.

At my community class tonight, several spoke of friends that they had invited to class, but there was always the excuse of "oh, I can't do yoga".......we all laughed......if they only knew how simple, and easy it is to start a yoga poses can be modified.....and how much just the breath work does......they would all be saying "I need this today".  In my community class there are those with hip and knee replacements, cancer survivors, those with lupus and MS, those with arthritis......all ages, from eighteen to eighty-two.  They all find a way to practice "their yoga",  "their way".

Today, as I was finishing the last class at work, a gentleman walked over to me and said" I knew I needed something today, I just didn't realize that it was this."  I know that I teach quite differently, but I know in my heart what yoga can do, and I will teach it to whoever wants it, anyway I can.  Because today, we need it.


  1. Strange, I tried yoga but did not reach that level where I could say I need it, I wonder why!

  2. I haven't done yoga but it seems to me it would be a good way to clear your mind and focus only on the now.

  3. One day I'll find my mojo to begin yoga again! I just need a lovely teacher like you!! Take care

  4. Jilda - a few years ago I picked up a little book "A morning cup of yoga: one 15-minute routine for a lifetime of health & wellness." It was a very good and accessible intro to yoga poses. My wife and I both benefited from it, but I've let is slide this past year. Your post encourages me to take up the practice again.