Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Expect the Best

"It is funny about life; if you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it."
- Somerset Maugham

I have always tried to live by this quote.....or rather simply,  I just try to always expect the best.
For instance, my very first trip to NYC, all my friends at home and there warned.......anyone as nice and easy going as you will be eaten alive.   First day, there I did what I was told not to do, I asked a newspaper vendor for change......he was quite taken aback when I first he was speechless, then he laughed and told me that my southern accent was so wonderful that if I stood there and talked to him, he'd give me anything.  My third day in the city, I needed to cash a check on my hometown bank.....of course I walked into Chase Manhattan first thing as they opened.  The woman behind the counter seemed taken aback also, but her phone rang, and after she spoke to the person that had called she asked the guard to to take me upstairs.  ( I was  a little nervous, but I followed).   The guard led me to the VP's  office, on the upteent floor, seems he had seen the security tape and had made the call to the teller, he asked where I was from, why I was in town, how long I would be there.......then told me they would gladly cash my check and would be there to help me with anything they could while I was in the city.

I have dozens of stories like these from cities and towns all across this county to villages in Ireland.  Our first day in Ireland, we got lost, it was late afternoon, we had not had lunch and had driven for miles on the wrong side of the road......we stopped at a gas station, asking directions, of course the woman asked where we were from, why we were there.  I also asked about a place to eat, explaining that we had missed lunch.....she went to the back of the store, came back in a few minutes with sandwiches and a smile, telling us to enjoy our stay.

Often when things seem to be at their darkest, I have to remind myself to expect the best.....and if the worst happens.....I try to find some good is always there.
I have struggled mentally for the past few days with my illness......I thought I suppose, that the  treatments would just magically keep me from ever being sick again ( I know, I have only had two, it's those rose color glasses I wear.)  I finally convinced my self today, it could all be much worse......the best is just around the corner.


  1. If we expect the best and radiate postive vibes then we will get the best in return, that doesn't mean bad things don't happen as in life bad things happen from time to time........but we need to be postive that food things will continue

  2. Oh Jilda! I love that you expect the best of people first!! I've just started going through blogworld this morning and already am upset by a comment left on another blog - this comment was just so narrow minded and vicious (denigrading others' beliefs and cultures and those fighting for social justice etc) that I'm a bit despairing. Then again that's the point of the internet - free speech and all that and if certain people want to show their ignorance then so be it. Anyway! I'm digressing slightly but reading your post makes me happier and my belief in the goodness and inate humanity of others is restored! Thank you! Take care

  3. Expect the best from others and from life and give your best to others and to life. How could you go wrong?

  4. That was so refreshing reading about the nice that comes out of people where you least expect it. I will take your advice and try to expect the best today. Thanks