Monday, April 23, 2012

Nomad Thoughts

I felt quite displaced today.  The temps were in the 50's, the air was dry, the sky was so blue
it took your breath......I thought I was back in was wonderful, no humidity.
I miss the West, once treatments are done, I know I will spend some time in the desert and then maybe a few days in those Rockies.  

What is it about particular places that speak to us so strongly?  That pull, that need to be in a place?  All I know, there are times there is an ache in my heart for certain places.  Sometimes, it's the desert, the spaciousness, the bareness, the feel of being in another world......then those moments when I crave a "Rocky Mountain High"......and those nights when I am so homesick for Ireland, I cry on my pillow.

It is strange to have such strong feelings for places, as though they were family or long lost friends......but I do.  I think at times, some ancient ancestors must have been nomads, I get the urge to wander, the need to move, to see and experience places other than home.

For fleeting moments today, I could close my eyes and imagine that I was someplace else.
I felt the call of the wind, or maybe it was those ancient voices beckoning.......but tonight,
that urge to go, to wander was strong,  tugging at my heart, whispering promises of places where my soul belongs.

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  1. Awww Jilda! I hope you get to physically return to Ireland for a break! Take care