Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Blog Disappearance

I will share something with you all tonight, for whatever reason I am determined to blog......why do I say this?  Because I write on a PC that has gremlins and quite often I may have my whole blog written or partially written and every word is stolen......banished into oblivion with out a trace and no hope of recovery.  It has already happened tonight and Rick got to witness it.

I think sometimes in the past he thought I might be hitting a key or not saving,etc.....but he saw it up close and personal tonight......the words were there, then strange underlines began, and then
everything left this universe.  It is a mystery, and for me it has become an interesting challenge every night....to see if I can write my blog without it disappearing....and if it does disappear.....what do I do next?  Ha,ha!

So just to mess with the gremlins tonight, this is it.....my rant about my stolen blogs! 
Do any of you have this problem? Am I in some weird vortex of blog thievery?  Is there a conspiracy?  Too many questions, no answers.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams


  1. Gremlins you say well sounds like gremlins but I wonder if some younger bloggers will know what we mean when we say gremlins......lol I have not lost any of my blog post but it would so frustrating if it happened and why is it men often think we don't know what we are talking about when we say things like this happen

  2. Lovely Jilda! When you say your blog post disappears in mid-writing - do you mean you are in the "new post" bit of blogger? Could you save your post as you type along? And have you tried clicking on "return to list of posts" to see if it did save?

    The thing about blogger it tends to save the draft of your post automatically anyway but it does no harm if you save it manually too (save now button).

    But if you do these already then yes it is a mystery how they disappear! Oh dear!!

    And if you mean gremlins = viruses - maybe you ought to send in the big guns of a macaffee security check or norton - or some anti-virus software?

    Good luck Jilda! Take care

  3. I haven't had that happen yet. Fingers crossed.

  4. I had this happen on my Easter post! I was just putting the last paragraph in and bam! it was gone. Pics and all...I was so happy I didn't have a baseball bat anywhere near me at the time. I usually have a ton of photos and that takes time to load and to write and after it was gone I could have cried..I started over...twice!...and finally finished it. Very disturbing!