Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Leap Of Faith

Letting go is something that I talk about in yoga all the time.  Letting go of stress, of worry, of fear, of expectations......letting go is difficult.  My life is changing and I know there is a cross roads in my future and major decisions to be made.  Letting go of what you love, letting go of a part of who you are......is most frightening.  Change is exhilarating, yet terrifying.
When the time comes to let go......you have to take the leap of faith.  It can't be a timid step or even a jump......it has to be a leap.

Right now, I am holding for dear life, because the leap scares me to death........but I can assure you, one morning.....I will take a deep breath......and I will leap.  If you are standing at the cross roads too,  just remember......no baby steps, no jump......you have to leap!

May all our leaps lead to the life we dream of, the place we long for.


  1. It is a lot easier to say to take a leap of faith then it is for most of us to do, but for most of us we at some point need to do just that take a leap of faith..........

  2. Oh my stars, Jilda! What on earth are you leaping into!?!? Are you ok?!? Please be ok!

    Take care, please! x

  3. Leaping in to or leaping away from? Either way, take care.

  4. Once we let go, we feel relieved and discover our own inner strength.