Thursday, December 15, 2011

We Did It!!!!!!!!!

A little good news.......Phil Campbell High School was awarded $50,000 today by the Glee Give A Note
committee.  You all changed lives with your votes, with the time that you spent encouraging all your blog buddies and friends to vote, there is now a tiny community in Northwest Alabama where the sun is shinning brightly tonight and the  music plays loud and clear.  Pat yourselves on the back, do a happy dance, and say a prayer of gratitude!

My friend Kim (whose son was in the video) said you could hear the kids and the whole community
yelling and crying as the announcement was made today.  I know that most of you are like me, and many days you might think that nothing you do matters.......well guess what, it does.  Because of your help,
Phil Campbell High School will have help rebuilding their band program.  April 27th destroyed so many homes and lives here in Alabama, but I know that music heals.    Today, healing in Phil Campbell took a giant leap!

Our state has a long way to go in the rebuilding and healing process.......Rick and I drove from Birmingham today, and the devastation still leaves me reeling.  All around us, it still looks like a war zone......there are times that as I drive through the communities, tears fall down my face.  But these bright spots, these incredible good deeds, keep us all going.  Thank you all from the bottom of my heart, with your efforts music will live in the hearts and lives of young people, whose world was turned upside down by the storms.  Who knows the impact of your simple vote?   I believe your act of faith and good will changed the world and set into action something that will have lasting impact for years to come.

This is the best Christmas gift ever!  Blessings of love, of good health and contentment to all of you.
We did it!!!!!!!!!


  1. So glad I could be a very small part of such a wonderful thing.

  2. So glad they were awarded the grant.

  3. Congrats and Merry Christmas...I'm so happy for the school, the kids and the community. Sure brought a smile to my face tonight!

  4. I'm very happy for the school and community!

  5. Oh how wonderful! My sister who was one of my recruits Arkansas to vote just asked how you all made out. Our hometown (though most of my family doesn't live there anymore) is New Orleans and after Katrina we all want to help those who've endured nature's devastation.
    I'm thrilled for them...Merry Christmas indeed!

  6. yAYYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYAY!! Brilliant news all round!! Happy Christmas!! Take care

  7. A Christmas miracle indeed! I am absolutely thrilled for them, and glad that we were all able to help in some little way by placing our vote.

  8. Congratulations to Phil Campbell.

  9. Congratulations to Phil Campbell, happy for them!

  10. That's the best news I've heard in quite some time.


  11. This is fantastic news. Even though I was sure we had done it, I wasn't going to happy until the announcement was made. Now I'm thrilled :-)