Saturday, December 10, 2011

Do What You Love

Rick and I wrote a song called "Do What You Love" has become our anthem of sorts......and a message that we spread whenever possible.  Life is short, and why would you spend it not doing what you love????  We did what we loved tonight.....played music.  The crowd has been bigger, the money better, but it doesn't matter when you do what you love.

We performed Do What You Love a while back for a group of teachers, they asked for the lyrics so they could give them to their graduating seniors.  I think we are all guilty of not doing what we love.....and it shows in our lives, on our faces and in our eyes.  When you do what you love, everything is different,
there is contentment, peacefulness, the willingness to work as long as it short cuts.
The work seems more like play, even when it is hard.

Tonight, "if you ever get the feeling, life is passing you by, do you dread Monday morning, is your
job killing you? then do what you love, and love what you do"

Good night Sweet dreams


  1. I would love to hear it sang by both of you!

  2. I do what I love in my head and in my dreams! One day...!! :-) Take care

  3. I've really tried to live by those words most of my life. Occasionally life does decide otherwise for me but generally not which makes me a very happy person.

  4. Sad that most people do not do what they love, at least not in the choice of a job. So many people dread going to work. How ever did it get to this place that people need money to pay bills and the cycle continues digging them ever deeper in the rut? I am always so happy for those who are able to do what they love to do. I for one am finally retired from the stress of a job and don't have much money but I have freedom and peace. This is a great post and I so wish more people could have more contentment.

  5. I have pretty much lived by that rule most of my life. I believe if you're not happy inside of yourself, everyone around you pays the price. Do what you love!

  6. I'm happy for people who have jobs they love. I think it is rare. It was hard as a mom and then full-time babysitter for me to find time to do what I loved. But I'm making up for it now! I do stuff I love all day long. I feel positively decadent.

  7. John Lennon: All you need is love.
    But, John, who will pay the electricity bill? I want to do what I love, but nobody pays me for it.