Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Other Gig

A really long day......I have worked as a make-up artist for a friend who does motivational speaking today.   She had two shows, one at 2:00pm one at 7:00pm, plus meet and greets in between.
Back at the hotel, pizza and a glass of feet are screaming!  But, it has had its high points.....mainly Larnelle Harris.  If you have never heard him sing, go to I-tunes now and buy his Christmas cd.....truly one of the most incredible voices ever.

Didn't know I was a make-up artist?  Oh yeah, been one for years......I just don't practice on myself much.
Ha,ha!   Working this gig is like performing, time ceases to fades into night, and before you know it......another day.  But, for some strange reason, this agrees with me.......I enjoy it.

Twelve hours days are tough, and I think it is time to sleep, tomorrow home, and practice for our gig coming up this week......oh yeah, did I mention that Rick and I are the Grand Marshalls for my hometown
Christmas Parade on Thursday night?  I am practicing on my wave!  Then Saturday night, we play Berkeley Bob's one of my most favorite places to play.

This nice hotel bed is calling my name......
Good night, Sweet dreams


  1. The wave....twist at the wrist, at the wrist give a twist.

  2. Make up artist? Wow, you have so many talents Jilda!

  3. 12 hours - my feet would not last that long. Get a good night's sleep. You deserve it. But be sure to get that wave practiced before the parade.

  4. You are so super duper talented! I am in AWE! Yay!! Take care

  5. Your a make up artist wow so many talents you have,I would love having someone do my makeup now and again..