Friday, December 16, 2011

A Good Yoga Day

New students in my yoga classes today.......all of them came in apprehensive......all left with smiles.
I am always amazed at the apprehension of coming to yoga class.  I usually make jokes and tell the new students not to believe those rumors about me, they can't all be true!

Yoga is a release, and sometimes quite an emotional one.....there were some tears today as well as laughter.  I try to make the class as nurturing as I can......but there is no place like home for the holidays and many of my students will not be home.  The holidays make me emotional too......once old traditions are no longer celebrated,  finding new ones that fit take some time.  I am still trying on.

Because of our changes in the weather this week, several of the students were dealing with chronic pain.......the class moved in a healing direction, lots of breath work, blankets and eye pillows.  It is amazing how much yoga helps with pain, both physical and was a good yoga day.

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  1. You sounds like such a gifted yoga instructor. I joined the yoga classes at the senior center and I know what you mean about yoga healing us emotionally as well as physically.