Friday, December 9, 2011

Feel The Magic

Driving home this evening, the moon shone behind a gauze like veil of clouds......and all around the houses scattered on the backwoods road were Christmas lights.  I am always intrigued by how people decorate for Christmas.  I pass by houses and there seem to be thousands of lights, figures, and decorations that I can't quite figure out, some are like ours and there is nothing (yet) and others that simply have a Christmas tree.

We will decorate our tree Sunday.  We always do a living tree, (we plant it after the holidays) and as you walk across our property you see all our trees from years past.  I suppose I am somewhere in the middle when it comes to decorations.......a tree,  the mantle, the coffee table, a tree outside.  It's not that I don't like to decorate, but we live in a small cottage(not much storage space) and my biggie for Christmas is hand painted cards.  I have been painting our Christmas cards for many many years, friends have collections of them, many have framed theirs.  For me, sending my painted cards lets our friends and families know how special they are, that yes I put that time in just for them.  Each card
hand painted and signed.

Jordan is excited, this will be the first Christmas that he has wanted to help decorate the tree,  and bake Christmas cookies.  Cookies, that is the other thing that I put much time and effort into, Swedish Spice
Christmas cookies.......have made them with my nieces and nephews for years, now the great nieces and nephews are helping me.

Being in the Christmas parade last night,  was so much fun.  Main Street, in my hometown of Sumiton
Alabama was lined with of all ages watching the parade, waiting for Santa.  Since
Rick and I were Grand Marshalls, we led the parade......funny thing, some of the little kids thought
Rick was Santa!

The Christmas Spirit always hits me later than most.  Our family never put a tree up until the week before Christmas.....most years we each got only one gift.......but the meal was unforgettable.  For my parents who grew up in the Depression, the meal was everything.  The table would groan because of so much food, and so would we.  Even if you filled your plate twice, you would never be able to taste truly was a food orgy.

Tonight, with the moon peeking through the clouds a lot of childhood memories of Christmas pasts
floated through my mind.   Looking at the lights twinkling in the darkness,  the world seemed so peaceful......even the cold felt peaceful tonight.  There is something magical about this time of year.
If you can stand back from the mad consumerism, and the rush of the crowd and look at it all through a child's can see, and you can feel the magic.

Goodnight, Sweet dreams


  1. Wow, you have so many talents! I think it's great that you do the cards. It's something so special and personal. We haven't put our tree up yet either and we have no excuse because it's a fakie. Our Grandson has very bad allergies and it would be hard on him to have a real tree. We have so many pines in the yard that I don't miss a real one..too much anyway. We had our first snowfall too. I think I'm getting more into the mood for Christmas!

  2. My family used to be the same We didn't really exchange pressies but we do have a nice big meal we've all cooked together! These days we are scattered around the globe but the memories still linger strongly!

    Awww how lovely to have adorable Jordan to help with the tree and cookies!

    I bet your cards are amazing! Take care

  3. Handmade cards and homemade cookies made with love show you have the true holiday spirit. Making something and sharing with people you care about is carrying on the tradition you were taught when you were growing up. You have so many good childhood memories.

  4. I think handmade cards are a beautiful idea :-)

  5. Rick isn't Santa? I thought he must be, for he's totally sweet; and so is Jilda, the woman who swept Santa off his feet.


  6. I love to drive around and look at Christmas lights, didn't do it last year but hope to get a chance this year as I do love seeing how people decorate their homes.....