Saturday, December 17, 2011

Feels Like Christmas

Rick and I went to the first Christmas party that we have been to in several years tonight......usually we are the ones hosting a get-together.  It was a small intimate gathering, bright talented people, musicians, writers, much talent, it was like being in a movie.  I had a great time!  Actually, I have not had this much fun in a while...... just sitting in someone's living room, playing music,
talking, eating, enjoying each other's company.  I sat there for awhile and looked around tonight and thought.......this is it, this is the Christmas spirit.   We were all quite different, yet had  so much in common.

It was so hard to let this evening one wanted to go, but I think we knew in our hearts, the moment could not last forever.  Aren't those moments wonderful.........everyone leaves with a smile on their face, a bit of joy in their hearts.....and you think, wow......wish it could be like this all the time

So tonight, the Christmas spirit has touched me......I know for each of us, we feel it in a different way, a different place.......but that contentment, that joy.....this is what memories are made of, how they are created.  My wish for all of you tonight......that the Christmas spirit touches your hearts, that you feel the joy that we all felt finally feels like Christmas.


  1. This sounds to me exactly what a party should be like :-)

  2. Wonderful!! Happy Christmas! Take care

  3. What a perfect evening - blessings to you!

  4. So glad you and Rick had that much fun and enjoyment at this party. We should all experience this at least once in our lifetime to know that true Christmas "spirit" feeling. I know I have some fond memories of Christmas parties in the past and know exactly what you mean. Merry Christmas!

  5. My favorite theme: The interconnectedness of humankind.


  6. What you describe in this post sounds like contentment. How often are we really content? So glad you enjoyed such a special evening with friends with music, talking, food and a loving spirit filling the house.